Recruitment – This is not as scary as it first appears

There are responsibilities that need to thought of and taken into account prior to becoming an employer and these responsibilities include;

  • Liability Insurance (for employing people – for contact details of some insurance providers – click here)
  • Recruiting employees
  • Issuing, Job Offer Terms and Conditions, Contract of Employment
  • Ensuring Employment Law
  • Ensuring Equality of Opportunity Law
  • Paying Your Personal Assistant
  • Working Hours, Sick Pay and Holiday Pay
  • Training Your Workforce
  • Providing instruction and support (supervision / appraisal)
  • Calculating Employees Tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • Calculating Employers National Insurance Liability
  • Submitting payments to HMRC

Know what you want and remember you are the employer

When employing any Personal Assistants the relationship becomes very complex. The Personal Assistant will be working on a one-to-one basis making any relationship intense and can become too close. Information will be discussed and obtained by the Personal Assistant that will be very personal to the individual and family members. To ensure that this remains relationship remains within professional boundaries it is advisable to make sure that requirements and responsibilities are stated upfront and in advance this helps everyone know what is required.  This helps to prevent any potential problems and helps people know and actions to take to stop inappropriate behaviours fast.

Remember whether you employ your Personal Assistants directly or whether they are Self Employed you are the person in control, the terms of work are set by you and your employee must abide by these.

Advantages of being an employer

An advantage of being an Employer is the employer (the individual) has is they know who will attend at what time the Personal Assistant will attend.  No suprises as to whom will be knocking on the door.

Package 1 Services Cost
  1. Advertising, distributing post to employee bank
  2. Access to safe environment for interviews to take place
  3. Advice on salary / pay grades to use; we encourage individuals to provide Personal Assistants with theliving wages
  4. Chaperoning during interviews where and when required
  5. Pro-formas for interview sheets, questions pre scripted based on individual need
  6. Distribution of letters to those were not successful
  7. Processing of CRB checks, where required, costs for CRB will be charged unless these have already been obtained from other sources of funding, such as through Job Centre plus
  8. Providing information on insurance details to have insurance set up prior to taking on your Personal Assistant/s

£50 if employed from employee bank


£80 if advertising for new PA

(additional media advertisements costs are borne by individual)

Payment method One off fee payable on start of recruitment of applicant


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