Bridging Links In Supported Systems (BLISS)

Although the intent of the personal budget is for people to manage the budget themselves most people require support to do this.  That is why we have developed levels of services to meet specific needs.  Each person will require different services depending upon how long the budget has been in place.  This is where our BLISS comes into effect. BLISS is our services that are designed to Bridge Links In Supported Systems.

Our services have been developed by people who have used budgets to manage how their care and support is provided and by whom for many years. This has allowed us to create services based on needs and demands not on what we think should be available.

They have been designed to allow budgets to be utilised with the appropriate type of support available to assist people we have created the following seven packages;

  1. Recruitment – Advice, information and costs  on becoming an employer and recruiting employees –click here for further information
  2. Payroll – Advice, information and costs for calculating payroll and submissions to HMRC – click here for further information
  3. Brokerage – Advice, information and costs for conducting Brokerage for budget – Click here for further information
  4. Day to Day Management – Advice, information and costs for Day to day management of budget – click here for further information
  5. In Fill Cover – systems to ensure cover is maintained when Personal Assistants have time off – click here for further information
  6. Emergency Cover – systems to ensure that cover can be maintained when emergencies occur – click here for further information
  7. Holidays – arranging a holiday can be a nightmare more so if there are very specific needs – click here for further information

When choosing to become an employer and employing staff, there are certain responsibilities that you need to be aware of.  These apply even if the position is for a couple of hours a week or on a full time basis.

If you have questions or would like further inforation call 0151 630 2716 or to one of our representative to call you back click here

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