Appeals and complaints

Dianthas acknowledges that there will be times when people do not always agree and believes that appeals and complaints are a way of accepting differences and development opportunities.

  1. Ensuring that an open and receptive attitude cascaded throughout all programmes. To this aim Dianthas will ensure that all staff are aware of this by;
    1. Ensure all staff are aware of the positive aspect to identifying any concerns and learning from theses.
    2. Ensuring all learners have copies of appeals and complaints process at induction and reaffirmed ongoing throughout the programme by advisers who undergo reviews with learners,
    3. Learning from all complaints and appeals submitted
  2. Initially learners should;
    • Approach their Trainer Assessor to discuss concerns to resolve the matter. This usually resolves the matter as all Trainer Assessors do want all learners to enjoy their learning experience.
    • If not able to speak to your Trainer Assessor phone the office on 0151 647 1406 and ask to speak to one of the Internal Verifiers who will discuss your concerns with you and resolve the matter
  3. If you are not satisfied learners should put concern in writing address to Internal Quality Assurance and contain
    • Your name and enrolment number
    • Nature of your concern / complaint
    • What steps have been taken so far
    • Response provided by your Trainer Assessor
  4. An Internal Verifier will acknowledge receipt within 3 working days and arrange an interview with you to discuss concerns and identify solutions. Prior to the interview their will have been an investigation into your concern with allocated Trainer Assessor and your employer. At the meeting the findings of the investigation will be discussed, and resolution options discussed with you, these could include;
    • Upholding the Trainer Assessors decision
    • Evidence reviewed by another Trainer Assessor
    • Remedial action taken against the Trainer Assessor, if required
    • Allocate a new Trainer Assessor
  5. Learners, can should they wish, contact the awarding body
  6. All complaints will be inputted into the Annual Self-Assessment Report and discussed with Awarding Bodies during annual visits.
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