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Personal Budgets

Person Budgets are a direct response from Government to create more personalised service within Health and Social care to help people get more control over their lives, through the personalisation of products and services.  To assist people take control and create more personised services we various packages, which we believe help Bridge Links In Supported Services BLISS

Why Personalisation

Personalisation means addressing the needs and aspirations of whole communities to ensure everyone has access to the right information, advice and advocacy to make good decisions about the support they need. It means ensuring that people have wider choice in how their needs are met and are able to access universal services such as transport, leisure and education, housing, health and opportunities for employment regardless of age or disability[1].

Personalisation is a direct response from pilots of Direct Payments, Individual and Personal Budgets have all been around for a while and stem from ensuring that people who use community care services have choice and control over how the care they receive is received by them. The Government has committed to a Shared Vision for Health and Social Care, through Putting People Fist 2007, which places people who receive care services firmly into the driving seat of their care.  To assist people to do this people are being offered a budget, the budget can be either direct or indirect.

Traditionally services for Health and Social care have been provide through the model based on service provision.  This meant that any provision has been designed to be a one size fits all model.  Whilst some people can quite happily fit into this particular model, most people do not. What all people would fit in to is a model based on individual need.  The fundamental differences between the two is one takes the person and asks what they want to achieve the other is based on need.

What we have found is that people do not like any form of change.  Most people prefer to have things stay just the way they are, better the devil you know, so to speak. Although when people are informed of the choices this makes the change different. When people can see that the change is going to benefit them, they want to change.

We believe that these changes are going to make a real change and impact on people who require support to remain active and included in their own homes and their community. What we feel people need is choice and support to adapt to the change.   To assist people do this we have created various packages that can be used as a pick and mix that are changeable to suit individual needs and circumstances.  Example we believe that most people will require a lot of support to take the step towards accepting to have a budget.  Once the step is taken we feel peoplel will not look back.

What is a Personal Budget

A Personal Budget is money paid to individuals who have been assessed as requiring Health and or Social Care services.  The assessed need is then calculated and added to what is called the Budget.  The budget is then used by people to determine how their care needs will be met. Everyone is assessed using the criteria stated within the Fair Access to Assessment.

The assessment should not only take into account the needs of the people who require support but also their family and friends who provide unpaid care, the carer.  This ensures that all carers have their needs met.  The assessment cannot presume that the carer has got no needs and will continue to care regardless. If carers needs are not met it could mean that they become ill and them there would be two people requiring support instead of one.

Personal budgets have been informed and are a product from both by the experience of direct payments and the pilots of individual budgets in 13 English local authorities in 2007–08. Individual budgets attempted to combine the following funding streams:

  • local authority adult social care
  • integrated community equipment services
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Supporting People for housing-related support
  • Access to Work
  • Independent Living Fund.

The main thing between the funding is that the person who needs the care is the main person in charge of controlling how this is spent. And that the budget is given to the person.  The money is paid directly into a dedicated bank account allocated just for the budget.

For some people this is as simple as purchasing their care from the provider that they have been working with, whilst for others it allows for a fresh look at how they would like to have services.  The possibilities are endless.

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